tempest the islands
with  your wind
and all your power
with your might,
all of nature’s debris
you will bury castles
and challenge royalties
you will bind bodies
to ropes and concrete
your waves will crush hope
the dreams of the youth
restless souls cascading
like a mansion of cards
there’ll be shards
of the past,
the glory days
and after everything,
with a chance of fear



A Song In Progress

at a standstill,
staring out into space
never fully
grasping the world
love has opened
my eyes to stranger things
chaos and beauty
deceive me
I was never
one to keep my head dry
and above water
no, I don’t even try
I’m always saved by
sailors telling me lies
and out in the open
they leave me
but then, out in the open
it’s you I see