that’s it, I’ve had it
i’m shoving my face into the music
i’m giving in
i want in
on esoteric
even in whispers
emotions falling in reverse
me falling head first
with all the signs,
i could have steered clear
who knew I’d end up here?
all caught up in lust
in a trance, so electric
insides, in a state of panic
ignoring a photographic memory
that’s tragic in its own right
i’m hooked on the high
from that beautiful mind
driven by intellect
you must take me for a lunatic
but I don’t mind cause maybe I am,
maybe you are too
it’s the thought of you
at midnight
under the light of the crescent moon
that thwarts me,
to a personal hell, it leads me
why am i now attracted to you?
© 06-30-16



spiralling down,
away now
from your clutch
landing on your feet
each, a miniscule touch
do you feel it?
do you feel it or does it not matter much?
does it matter much or has it never mattered enough?
each touch representing
two opposite choices
your voice breaks as you say them
which road are you taking?
are you staying?
are you leaving
this silly ecosystem?
it’s okay to be tired
it’s okay to give up
you chant yet you’re not entirely convinced
because the truth is
nothing’s ever made sense
let’s talk about resilience
strength that’s secretly a weakness
i’d rather have silence
than hopeful misdirection
i understand that you’re intrepid
it’s written
all over your face
my dear, you don’t belong in this godforsaken place.