that’s it, I’ve had it
i’m shoving my face into the music
i’m giving in
i want in
on esoteric
even in whispers
emotions falling in reverse
me falling head first
with all the signs,
i could have steered clear
who knew I’d end up here?
all caught up in lust
in a trance, so electric
insides, in a state of panic
ignoring a photographic memory
that’s tragic in its own right
i’m hooked on the high
from that beautiful mind
driven by intellect
you must take me for a lunatic
but I don’t mind cause maybe I am,
maybe you are too
it’s the thought of you
at midnight
under the light of the crescent moon
that thwarts me,
to a personal hell, it leads me
why am i now attracted to you?
© 06-30-16


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