a simple girl
i was led to believe
that there’s always more to life than what it seems
and i got to be patient
there’s got to be more to it than this—
at the edge of it all, towards oblivion
trying to smoke a spliff without choking
i’m staring at the world
and it stares right back at me with pretension
am i insecure?
sure, i admit that i’m lacking
but there’s got to be more to life than just running
jumping hurdles in order to reach a certain zenith
cause right now i need to stop and catch my breath
at the edge of it all, fixated on taking a break
and it’s starting to get depressing

that’s the difference
between you and me
juxtaposed and it’s quite the dichotomy
i have my recklessness
you have your resilience
but tell me how does one stay adamant at a time like this?
at this point, i can’t even remain serene
point me towards a different direction
cause i’m tired of being seen
of being the focus of insinuating glances
i’m tired of seeming all put-together
with a lenient disposition, whatever
when the truth is i’m bursting at the seams
this whole being “relentless” crap was never my cup of tea
this is my catharsis, my apogee



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