Roll the dice, let go
empathize, let your fears show you the way
or be hypnotized by a dented ego,
set to overthrow
your own soul–
what once was pure and brimming with clarity
is now silent,
festered with uncertainty
an atrocity
led by treats and trickery
behold, you’re persuaded;
vessel, invaded;
morality, sedated;
you hibernate,
and you dream–
you’re not awake just yet.

There’s always a lack of
and never too much
intending to move further,
wanting to draw me closer
without so much as a gesture,
a look, or a touch
you’re in crutches, paralyzed
demanding just about anything
to shield your eyes
from the blinding flashes
of what the future holds
infinite worlds
spring from your inability
to roll the dice and let go.


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