let’s be together, shall we?
so you can shove all of you
into what’s left of me
bet you’d want that
fuck me up
and hold me captive
tie me up
if you’re feeling romantic
bet you didn’t know that
i’m up for it
it’s almost attractive
that you think you’re the
in this room

in my bloodstream
they’re beating
against the current
it’s almost heroic
that you’re cutting me open
letting me loose
taking me far away
but what’s the use?
you’ll leave me all filled with ardor
with all the strength you could muster
truth is the only time you’re gentle
is when you walk away
maybe if i grip you tighter, you’ll stay
maybe if i let you wander, you’ll say
“I came, i saw, and i’m choosing you”
you’d have conquered me too



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