don’t let it get to you—
this world and all its temporary bullshit
don’t let it gobble you up
and just spit you right out
like it did yesterday
and the day before that
you know how they say it’s all a game?
well, don’t pretend you’re not tired of playing
don’t pretend you’re not tired of waiting
to be dealt better cards
don’t fool yourself any longer
cause tonight we are conquerors—
slightly benevolent and all-accepting
with nothing more to covet
we’re far from heroes
if not the complete opposite
but maybe life’s really just a set of concepts
tailored with a certain sophistication
meticulously envisioned with all its quirks and intricacies
all its flaws and fallacies
the good, the bad, and the jarring atrocities

tonight, we are creators
where are we headed
if not towards the ends of the earth
the birth of entire galaxies, we will witness
the branching out of infinities
all of life’s ephemeral debris
cast aside
not a trace of impermanence survives
in this vivid universe
set ablaze with actual breathing stars
there’s no space to feed wars
multiple moons, multiple earths
population: society’s favorite outcasts
what about multiple cerulean suns
that burn blemishes of lives past
no more of those scorching yellow rays
stellar awakenings in place of blinding mornings
utopia, ruled not by kings
but by a single cosmic truth
bringing forth genuine happiness and above all, peace

tonight, we take the shot
and dream all this into reality
till we’re finally at ease

✍🏻Sept. 2, 2016


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